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Price Feed:
PVC flooring: Ksh 1,350 PVC tiles: Ksh 2,200 Box profile roofing sheets: Ksh 355 Solar Plaza light: Ksh 35,000 Complete sofa: Ksh 160,000 cookers: Ksh 35,000 Wall covering: Ksh 2,500 Kitchen design: Ksh 30,000 Turkey Steel Door: Ksh 33,000 Concrete mixers: Ksh 280,000 Shower cubicles: Ksh 25,000 Office tables: Ksh 45,000 Solar panel: Ksh 150,000 Hitachi G23ST 230mm Angle Grinder: Ksh 16,617 Curve tile roofing sheets: Ksh 700 Stainless steel basin mixer taps: Ksh 5,000 Earth moving machinery: Ksh 5,500,000 Spartan SLT-2500 Generator: Ksh 22,050 Shades: Ksh 4,000 Cement: Ksh 600 Building sand: Ksh 2,000 Built-in Kitchen Appliances: Ksh 49,000 Laminate flooring: Ksh 1,600 Biodigesters: Ksh 88,000 Black color granite: Ksh 17,000 Corrugated roofing sheets: Ksh 380 Wallpapers: Ksh 2,500

Back up power generation

06 May 2019 News & Updates

With the recent rains, who wants to stay in the dark? I bet no one does

The phrase backup power is used often when discussing generator and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), but each system performs different tasks. The facility’s generator provides an emergency or alternate source of power during an incoming power event. On the other hand, the UPS provides a source of backup power in the form of a battery or energy storage system to maintain continuity of power to the load while the system is transitioning to backup power. The typical institutional or commercial facility uses one or more emergency generators as the primary means of backup power. In a typical configuration, backup generators connect to the electrical system using automatic transfer switches (ATS) or an automated switchgear application, and they constantly monitor the incoming main power supply. If an outage occurs or if that power supply deviates from acceptable limits, the generator starts automatically and restores power to the system once it is transferred to the generator. Generators can either be petrol or diesel driven generators.

Engineering Supplies Limited (ESL) are happy to introduce to you their Power Generators which falls under one of their four major product lines, namely;

· Power generation
· Pumping equipment
· Construction equipment
· Workshop equipment

Their gensets are sourced from some of the best and reputable engine manufactures in the generator world i.e. Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Deutz and MTU coupled with alternators from Stamford, Leroy Somer and AGG which adhere to high standards of regulations and Engineering. ESL specializes in continuous energy supply. They focus on cutting-edge solutions for continuous energy supply using compact gensets that are easy to transport, suitable for extreme weather conditions and  resistant to the erosion of time. They have a competent technical team for installation, service, repair maintenance and site assessment. 


The above generators are Spartan SLT-6500 CLE and Spartan SLT-2500 generators  and AGG representing the larger set generators from ESL group. The available sizes are 2Kva- 2000 Kva for the smaller generators. The large AGG generators come with different engine options depending on Client preference. Product warranty is up to 2 years. They supply country wide through their branches and appointed dealers countrywide. prices depend on size. For more information on the product specs, click on https://bit.ly/2vDUxFv and https://bit.ly/2VkqHF6

Some advantages of generators include;

  • It eliminates lengthy stays at expensive hotels, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • It prevents frozen pipes from bursting by maintaining power to your hot water heater.
  • It maintains power to your refrigerator, avoiding the expense of replacing spoiled food.
  • It keeps theft at bay by allowing you to stay in your home to protect it.
  • It eliminates costly cleanups and repair due to overflowing sump pumps.
  • It keeps the water flowing for homes with private wells.
  • It maintains power to your home security systems.

Engineering Supplies has good customer feedback. It has supplied to a number of schools, hotels, butcheries, farms, hardwares, lodges,hospitals and  parks among other clients. They would therefore be highly recommended to be your trusted supplier. For other products that ESL deals with, click on https://bit.ly/2JkS7Um to browse and familiarize yourself better with them

Avoid darkness and ghostswink by purchasing affordable and reliable generators for your businesses and homes by trusting ESL to be your supplier.


See below contacts on how you can get in touch with ESL group;


The Mombasa Office

Jomo Kenyatta Av. Mombasa Kenya
Address: P.O. BOX 865440-80100
Phone: 041-2492457/9
Mobile: 0733-556923 / 0722-408222
Email: infomsa@eslgroup.co.ke

The Nairobi Office

Dunga Rd. Industrial area Nairobi, Kenya
Address: P.O. BOX 17518-00500
Phone: 020-6533866/389
Mobile: 0722-465661/0733-620910
Whatsapp: 0733-701861
Email: info2001@eslgroup.co.ke

Business Hours

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